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thank you Cyclamed !

We helped the eco-organism that collectes and recycles non-used medicines in pharmacies entirely re-design their digital communication.

thanks Vracs De l'Estuaire !

We assist this cement company in building its brand and developing its communication strategy.

Astrocast in orbit

The startup that develops IoT's most advanced nanosatellite network is launching its new identity and site for the CES.

Leon & Harper & Else & Bang

Leon & Harper puts us in charge of its brand platform and its social media strategy. 

happydemic experience

Shared well-being is a creator of value: brands that stand out are those that forge rich relationships with their communities.

Share your values, communicate your usefulness and transmit your mission ...
We cultivate fulfilling relationships between brands and their audiences.
We create Happydemic Experiences.


Our collaboration with major brands who live great stories and with small brands that see their future in a big way.


How do you position the leader of fine flagrance and perfumes as the creative and innovative partner of brands in the development of their fragrances?

Social Media Charter. Community management.


How do you make Kiehl's shine as a brand among influencers during the Deauville festival?

Influencer campaign. Live event animation.

MSD NewDoc

How do you build a special relationship between a pharmaceutical company and the new generation of ultra-connected doctors?

New media launch. Digital and social media guidelines. Community animation.


We support brands at every stage of their life with three offers: Else & You for  brand and identity issues; Else & People to meet their audiences; Else & Love so that their audiences become their ambassadors.


Social media native agency, Else & Bang is today a full-service agency that cultivates blossoming relationships between brands and their audiences.