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happydemic experience

Shared well-being creates value: brands that stand out are those that forge rich relationships with their communities.
Sharing your values, communicating your usefulness and transmitting your mission ... We nurture successful relationships between brands and their audiences. We create Happydemic Experiences.


In 2018, Else & Bang celebrates ten years.
Native social media, our communication agency
independent company accompanies brands on
an issue today global: the meeting
with their audiences.



Act as a professional,
have everything to learn.


Go further,
to reach places no one has ever reached.


When we feel good, we work better.
When we work better, we feel even better.

collective intelligence

Alone, we go faster.
Together, we go further.


These are those of our teams and brands that trust us.

Best workplace
less than 50 employees (2016)

B2B Excellence Award
of the year (2016)

Digital corporate agency of the year (2015)


To be successful, you must have good partners.
In order to answer local brand issues with a global approach, we created Affinità, a network of independent agencies selected for their complementary expertise.

Discover the group