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Association Pharmavie

Brand identity.

the challenge

How to structure the speech of the Hospitals of my Doudou in order to increase the notoriety of the initiative and that of its creator: the PharmaVie association?

our idea

Make Toudou the emblem and the joyful and reassuring spokesperson of the PharmaVie Association to tell the story of my Doudou's Hospital.

the plan

-A new identity for the association and the hospitals, resolutely colourful and dynamic, as well as a redesigned Toudou.
-A reassuring brand speech, both playful and educational.
-Kits to arrange the spaces of the Hospitals of my Doudou within the paediatric units: educational posters and totebag.
-Communication kits dedicated to the opening of a new Hospital of my Doudou: posters and films.
-A fun stand for the aerial tour organized in partnership with the association Rêves de gosse.  

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