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MSD NewDoc

New media launch. Digital and social media guidelines. Community animation.

the challenge

How do you build a special relationship between a pharmaceutical company and the new generation of ultra-connected doctors?

our idea

Launch Newdoc, the first medical media expert for young doctors, with a 100% social media format: a complete digital ecosystem centered around the Facebook page and supported by an editorial line oriented "snack-expert".

the plan

- The signature promises an expert and condensed content, developed by specialists and aimed at health professionals: Newdoc, your practice at a glance.

- The Facebook page embodies the codes of a new generation media: background topics, gifs and video formats, fast to consume content and easy to share.

- The site acts as a hub and links the Facebook page, the point of entry of the Newdoc relationship, and the MSD content platforms that accompany doctors on a daily basis.

- The newsletter is the rendezvous that allows not to miss the essential through a digest of scientific and medical news.

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