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Digital strategy. Digital and social media charter. Website redesign. Community management.

the challenge

What digital strategy should Cyclamed, the eco-organization responsible for sorting and collecting drugs, use in order to become a major popular cause that engages and brings together French citizens?

our idea

“Objectif 100 % tri” : 

An editorial strategy that brings the French together and helps them become true TRI-athletes.

the plan

-The website: like a magazine, it supports French citizens the year long by providing them with advice and best practices in order to properly sort their medicines.

- Facebook page: at the heart of the community, it brings together TRI-athletes and provides them with all the information, encouragement and tools they need to make informed sorting.

- The Twitter account: it discloses official information through the referring organization to learn everything about drug sorting and understand it in depth.

- The TRI-athlete kit: a calendar, a wallpaper and a memo of best practices... All the tools to perfectly sort your medication!

the results

- More than 17%   traffic increase since the previous year;
- Engagement rate of 9%;

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