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Vracs de l'Estuaire

Brand platform. Brand identity. Graphic and editorial charter.

the challenge

In a static market, what brand strategy should Vracs de l'Estuaire develop to become the agile challenger against large existing cement manufacturers?

our idea

Façonneurs d’un nouveau bâtir.

Vracs de l'Estuaire reinvents cement codes and models a new way of doing business as a cement manufacturer:
-a new know-how, characterized by agility, which translates into a refined graphic language.
-authentic interpersonal skills: the discourse is carried by the employees and is intended to be close, transparent and without intermediaries.

the plan

The brand platform: a new orientation, articulated around the signature "Le ciment devient agile", to position Vracs de l'Estuaire as the dynamic and independent player it is in the face of well-established competitors.

-The commitment charter: in line with the group's human values and authenticity, each business commitment is embodied and supported by an employee. The group's correspondence cards will also be accompanied by a motto of each employee.

- External communication: the new identity is deployed at all the company's contact person with, from stationery to presentation leaflets, including on-site signage and cement bag packaging.

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