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Personal Branding training

Let managers become familiar with the keys and tools to define and implement their own brand strategy, both personally and professionally.

1 day

Boulogne Billancourt

4 à 10 people


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who is this training for

Business unit directors.

course of training

With the development of the web and social networks, the concept of brand touches on now not only companies and products, but also individuals.


The objective of this training is to provide participants with the keys to designing their personal branding strategy and the tools to implement it, both personally and professionally.


Notion of e-reputation and digital identity. The stakes for the career, the risks, the precautions to take.


Personal branding tools: professional and non-professional social networks, blogs.


Editorial strategy, animation, the task at hand, delegation, co-animation. Monitoring your e-reputation, creating alerts, managing crises.

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Our training sessions can occur inside your company or with public coming from different companies