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At Else & Bang, our customers are like employees and our employees, like customers. At Else & Bang, you will meet expert teams who take their work to heart, and above all, curious people who do not take themselves seriously.

Steven Raivard

Project manager

Chloé Bouton

Art Director

Aurélie Chartier

Director of Creation

Myriam Carville

Associate Director



Alison Languin

Social Media Manager

Ranitea Teiva

Content Director

Emeline Bus Ibanez

Art Director

Hervé Kabla


Strategy & training

Magali Dissard

Senior Copywriter

Karine Spencer

Customer Relation Director



Jérémy Coron

Content manager

Branding and UX

Damien Gillard

Social Media Manager

Karim Ghemmour


Marie Gauffre

Project manager

Content strategy & community management

Tony Huynh

Assistant Art Director

Marie Badji

Community Manager

Iris Bensimon

Strategic Planner

Chloé Fernagut