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Else & Bang Manifesto

Ten years ago, the value of communities was an unsuspected resource.
Today, she is at the heart of all speeches.
A social media agency, Be Angels has grown and reinvented itself to become Else & Bang, an entire agency that cultivates blossoming relationships between brands and their audiences.

Shared well-being is a creator of value.
Brands that stand out are those that build strong relationships with their communities. We create Happydemic Experiences to weave, nurture and enrich brand relationships with their audiences.

Collective energy inspires our values.
If we are good, we work better,
and if we think of many, the ideas are better.
Every day, we encourage co-creation and common intelligence.
To overcome oneself so that everyone advances,
act professionally and always learn.
Our approved training organization, led by our collaborators,
helps brands communicate with their audiences

Harmonious relationships guide our state of mind.
Because the key to a lasting link between a brand and its audiences,
it is innovating by preserving the balance.

See far and act quickly.
Chat with others and have only one word.
To create lasting passions.
Touch people by respecting them.
Talk to everyone and reach everyone.
To be heard and to listen ...
Together, we invent new agreements.

Else & Bang
Independent communication agency
creator of Happydemic Experiences.