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Voeux 2021

L'année 2020 s'est terminée, et on peut dire qu'elle fut pour le moins animée. Malgré tous ces bouleversements, nous nous sommes tenus à vos côtés et vous êtes toujours présent. Nous avons été ravis de vous accompagner pour avancer ensemble et nous vous souhaitons de tout cœur le meilleur pour l'année à venir.

Thank you Medela

The breastfeeding expert brand asked us to support them in their social media strategy.

Daco Bello is online

The dried and dried fruit brand chose us for the evolution of its positioning and the redesign of its website.

Merci Thales

We help the group deploy their collaborative platform on the future of air traffic.

happydemic experience

Shared well-being is a creator of value: brands that stand out are those that forge rich relationships with their communities.

Share your values, communicate your usefulness and transmit your mission ...
We cultivate fulfilling relationships between brands and their audiences.
We create Happydemic Experiences.


Our collaboration with major brands who live great stories and with small brands that see their future in a big way.

Daco Bello

How can Daco Bello emerge on the confidential dried fruit and dried fruit market?

Identity and brand speech. Website redesign.

Vracs de l'Estuaire

In a static market, what brand strategy should Vracs de l'Estuaire develop to become the agile challenger against large existing cement manufacturers?

Brand platform. Brand identity. Graphic and editorial charter.

Leon & Harper

What vision and ecosystem to embody the fashion brand in 2019?

Brand platform. Digital charter. Social media charter. 

On recherche nos futurs colocs

Vous avez rapidement besoin de locaux tout en bénéficiant de souplesse dans le contrat ?

Rôles à prendre au casting de notre team de colocs ! Devenons colocataires et bénéficiez de nos locaux entièrement équipés et meublés, en plein cœur de Boulogne et au sein d’une équipe jeune et dynamique.


Espace de coworking
110 avenue Victor Hugo

92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Métro Marcel Sembat

350 € HT / mois / poste fixe


We support brands at every stage of their life with three offers: Else & You for  brand and identity issues; Else & People to meet their audiences; Else & Love so that their audiences become their ambassadors.


Social media native agency, Else & Bang is today a full-service agency that cultivates blossoming relationships between brands and their audiences.